Clear "Air" water jug and glass sets of 2,4 or 6


These clear "Air" Water Jug and Tumbler, Hi-Tumbler or Hi-Ball sets are handcrafted from recycled wine bottles.  Beautifully tactile and lovely to drink water, wine or whichever is your tipple of choice. This unique set make a wonderful addition to your home. 


Water Jugs are 85mm diameter and 205mm high with a capacity of 500ml


Tumblers are 80mm diameter x 80mm tall, and 225ml to comfortably fill.  


Hi-Tumblers: 80mm diameter x 100mm tall and 275ml capacity.


Hi-Ball: 80mm diameter x 125mm tall and 350ml capacity.


The Jugs are available with a matt or polished finish.


Also available in green Olive glass.


The Tumblers, Hi-Tumblers and Hi-Balls can also be bought separately in sets of 2, 4 or 6.


Green Bottle Glass offers free postage on orders over £60

Set size